Marketing Plan

Situational analysis

Next, all the analysis that has been carried out regarding the project and the industry in which it is located will be described, in order to finally give a value proposition applicable to the complete marketing of BREATHE MOBILE.
Mission: Innovating in the adoption of tokenization in mobile video games for all users without cryptographic knowledge, thus expanding the market to the gaming industry.
Vision: A video game positioned among millions of users, using tokenization in a simple and fast system for its players.
  • Innovate in the adoption of tokenization to expand the market.
  • Position yourself in the multiplayer shooter game industry.
  • Make the video game profitable.
  • Loyalty and retain users.
  • Integrate traditional payment methods to tokenization.
  • Have sustainable growth.


SBU 1: Tokenized game for mobile devices. A multiplayer shooter game for mobile devices set in space and the planet mars. The project will have a market place for micro transactions in which you can buy and sell with the project token, with google pay and apple pay.
SBU 2: In-game advertising and sponsors (B2B business): The project will seek sponsorship contracts to generate income in exchange for visibility. On the other hand, there will be the possibility for the player to see optional advertisements in exchange for rewards, the project will generate income thanks to this business modality.