Game modes
BREATHE will be a shooter and survival horror video game for mobile devices with realistic aesthetics.
Within BREATHE, players will be able to participate in different game modes:
- 4 vs 4 multiplayer mode, players can choose to fight in different stages in matches of approximately 5 minutes. The team that manages to reach the target number of kills first will be the winner.
- 3 vs AI cooperative mode, there will be a fight to survive against hordes of fearsome beasts managed by AI. This mode will last per match depending on how long players manage to survive.
- You vs AI mode, just like the cooperative mode there will be a fight to survive against hordes managed by AI. This mode will have a duration per game depending on how long the player manages to survive.
-Survive and escape mode, a very tense game mode where the player must hide, repair the escape route and get out alive!
-Story mode, in this offline mode you can experience the terror of surviving in a very disturbing story.
-Mode Expansions, an expansion of each mode with different objectives that your players must meet to achieve victory.
Prior to the game, the player can modify his character with the combination of equipment that he feels most comfortable with. Each character will have custom equipment options.
Each character role will have different gameplay, the player must take advantage of this and train their gameplay to increase their skill. ​
Before combat, the paired players will access the section where they can choose their character and equipment. In this section there will be a chat so you can write your strategy or interact with your teammates before the battle.
During the battle, players will be able to activate the special ability of the character they have selected. These special abilities have a cooldown time.
When a player is downed, he will respawn at the friendly base to continue his fight to victory.
In the stages, players will be able to find strategic positions that suit their game system.