As we have already mentioned earlier in this document, the project aims for easy adoption of tokenization by game users, without the need for cryptographic knowledge. Therefore, the storage of all the tokens will be done automatically within the video game in the player's account, without the need for a wallet and organized in their collection section. These tokens can be used within the video game instantly.

If the user wishes to make transactions outside of the video game, such as exchanging their tokens ERC-20, adding liquidity or staking, they must be transferred to an external wallet created by the project.

If the user wants to make an exchange, he must meet conditions (except for 10% of the tokens transferred in the investment rounds). The conditions are based on the user's contribution to the project and are the following:

-Achieve a medium ranking onwards in the game.

-Achieve a goal of hours of play.

-Provide liquidity or block tokens with staking.

Other conditions that allow the exchange that exclude the above.

-Youtubers that provide visibility, teach the gameplay and curiosities of the video game.

-High quality fan arts of new characters or weapons for the game.

The amount of tokens to be exchanged will be limited depending on the player's contributions to the project.

The project does not rule out adding more opportunities for conditions so that more players can be a contribution and win their exchange pass.

Summary: The project has integrated tokenization to add commercialization between users within the game in order to increase interaction and collection of products. On another plane with less traffic, there are the contributions of users to the project who will be able to make withdrawals in exchange for their work.

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