Marketing strategy

Value proposal

Based on the analysis and results, it has been determined that the following marketing strategy will be followed:


BREATHE MOBILE is a high-quality online video game for mobile devices of the shooter and survival horror genre, its realistic 3D aesthetics has different game modes. This innovative game is tokenized, to obtain an excellent experience in trading between players. Users, not having the need for a wallet to store their tokens and also having the option of making micro-transactions of tokenized products with google pay and apple pay, makes the adoption of this product suitable for the entire video game market. for mobile devices.


The project will carry out different advertising strategies for its main objective, positioning in the market for video games for mobile devices.

Organic Social Media Marketing Efforts: Various advertising pieces such as infographics, in-game update videos, new releases, highlights, and many more! will be published on the different social networks of BREATHE MOBILE to update its fans and new users.

Pre-registration: The video game will be promoted prior to its launch. The market will have access to a pre-registration of this in order to facilitate its download. This announcement system promises to be the driver of the first community of users in BREATHE MOBILE.

Digital paid advertising: Various platforms will participate in the ads strategy, including YouTube, Instagram, Google and Apple. The ads will show different approaches to the video game, revealing its history and gameplay to encourage the download of the application.

Influencers on YouTube: YouTube influencers will have different advertising tasks. For example, the use of project shirts and caps in their videos, introductions presenting the video game, video game tests, and others. They will play a very important role in positioning the project in the market.

Blog Articles: The project will select blogs specialized in video games and technology to generate the articles on the video game. This type of advertising is underrated but very powerful, since blogging communities are very strong.

The project does not rule out the possibility of doing physical advertising in a target country or sponsoring a brand that provides visibility to the project in its product.


-NFT collection price: TBA

-Token price:

  • Seed round: 0.0011 USD

  • Private round: 0.0016 USD

  • Public round: 0.0021 USD

-NFTs market place prices of the game Breathe (these will be sold in Fiat currency and breathe token, depending on the platform through which it is purchased): The prices of these NFTs vary according to the type and rarity.


The game can be downloaded from the Play Store (android) and AppStore (iOS) applications

access to the market place from the video game or the website.

The $BTHE token can be found both on the project website and in the video game.

The official merch of the game can be obtained through the BREATHE MOBILE website with worldwide shipping.

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