Play and win rewards.


Players will know the ways to get rewards in the game.

-Missions: The missions are a mechanism of objectives, by fulfilling them the player will receive rewards for their performance in fulfilling these tasks.

-Ranked Games: This competitive game mode will distribute rewards to the winning team based on the contribution of each player in the game. It should be noted that each player must pay with game tokens to enter the game.

-Events: On special dates, BREATHE will generate fun events with rewards for all users who participate in the game modes enabled for the events.

-Daily Reward: Players who log in to BRETHE daily will receive rewards for their commitment to the game. These rewards can be varied between chips, skins, among others.

-Marketplace: Players will be able to exchange characters or objects in exchange for tokens.

-Offers: The unique offers offered by BREATHE to its players will always come with extra rewards and easy acquisition.

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