Análisis de la industria


The project is mainly in the mobile video game industry.

Porter's 5 forces model:

Entry barrier: The entry barrier is medium high, because a large amount of financing is needed to start the project.

Exit barrier: The exit barrier is high. Millions of users and resources would be lost, the tokenization acquired by its users would be worthless and could also include legal actions against the project.

Bargaining power of customers: The customers of the project are the users of the game. If the game isn't what they expect, it's easy to delete the app and try another. But if the video game meets or exceeds expectations, it will result in a high probability of user loyalty. Therefore, the bargaining power of customers is medium.

Bargaining power of suppliers: The video game needs the IOS and Android platforms as an intermediary to reach the market. So the bargaining power of suppliers is low.

Threat of new entrants: It is medium low, because the barrier to entry is high. Although more video games can and do enter the market constantly, few of them have high quality and/or continuous updates.

Threat of substitute products: This threat is medium, although there are several shooter mobile games that the market prefers (eg call of duty or Pubg), these are not tokenized and do not tell the story that happens in BREATHE MOBILE, which positions the project in this video game category.

Conclusion Porter analysis: The industry in which the project is located is attractive because the entry barriers are high, so few companies can participate in this level of the market (high budget video games). In addition, it is an industry that is constantly growing and that can provide different sources of income. Added to this, the project has a competitive advantage over its competitors, the tokenization of the game.

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