Monetary income from the project.
Monetary income from the project.
As the user has already noticed throughout this document, the project uses the tokenization of its products as a complement. Project income will come in the following ways:
-Micro Transactions: This method is the most significant improvement offered by tokenization. In the MARKET PLACE section of this document, the user will be able to find out details about the types of micro transactions in BREATHE MOBILE. This format expects to be one of the company's great revenues.
-Advertising: A proven revenue system in video games for mobile devices. The player will be able to see optional advertisements to add more rewards to his in-game account. With this, the project will pocket profits in USD.
-Sponsors: An option widely used by brands to increase their visibility. This is an exploitable source of income that the project will proactively pursue in order to initiate favorable sponsorship contracts. This income opportunity can be very significant.
-Merchandise: An incredible way to exploit the popularity of an asset. The project thinks of this system as a source of income but also a powerful marketing and fanaticism tool. The merchandise considered in this document is collectible figures, exclusive gamepads, sustainable clothing, accessories, and others. All designs will be exclusive to the BREATHE MOBILE project.
-Offline Story Mode: This method is very interesting and innovative. When the online game mode is positioned among millions of users (described in the marketing plan) the story mode will be released (described in the roadmap) this mode is designed as a very high quality offline game with a narrative and musical composition surround. This mode will be available at launch for $3.49 and promises to be a huge hit.
-Musical Royalties: It is not new that some of the most important video games exploit all their creations, as is the case of The last of us and its musical composer Gustavo Santaolalla. The project will release an album of songs featured in the video game and exclusive extras. The project will monetize the album on all streaming platforms.
The sources of income for the project have been described, it should be noted that the income / expenses will be ordered in the accounting carried out by the financial administrator of the project and supervised by the CEO, these reports will be published every 4 months.