The following roles are set to categorize each character in BREATHE.

Select the archetype that best suits your gameplay. Also, you can add extra attributes per game with power-ups that will give you a strategic margin in the gameplay of your character.

-Tank: More resistant than normal. The special abilities of this type of character are perfect for sustaining damage, immobilizing enemies, and among other functions.

-Assassin: They have a very powerful technique with their weapons. Their special abilities are perfect to give them an extra survivability boost and to maximize damage to their enemies. This category requires precision on the part of the player.

-Fighter: The attributes of these characters are balanced, Versatile in battle. Their special abilities are intended to keep them stable in battle constantly.

-Support: Help your teammates win the game. His abilities can be healing, attribute enhancer and among other surprises. A role that will make a difference.

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