In the year 2039, the need to begin terraforming another planet has become a survival necessity for the human race. The planet earth suffers from an uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources and a very high population density. Mars, the red planet, is the goal and vision of a new beginning.
Over 60 years, short manned voyages to Mars have brought autonomous mining equipment, construction parts, smart construction equipment to the planet, and ultimately the erection of a military science base that will enable longer stays for crews, in order to start the project of a large dome that will house the first colonizers of the planet Mars.
In the year 2099, the senior managers of the project have planned a manned trip to supervise and complete the construction of the great dome. After 1 month from the takeoff of the ship, they have reached the red planet, the crew wakes up from a deep sleep and opens their capsules to prepare their descent in the exploration ship. Upon landing at the objective point, the crew unloads supplies and tools for their stay at the military scientific base.
The first month of the crew at the military base has passed and the construction of the large dome is progressing better than expected, so they are optimistic about the final result. Much of the work is fully automated with AI equipment, so the crew has been limited to minor repairs. Because of this, the squad has time available to investigate unexplored surroundings in hopes of making new discoveries that can be exploited, so the squad bands together and goes on a short round trip mission.
The squad has reached a cave on a low temperature sector, the cave arouses curiosity and they go in to explore before returning to the base. At first sight, it doesn't seem to house anything interesting, but before leaving and leaving the exploration behind, one of the members of the squad sees how a kind of frozen metal embedded in the ice shines. With the help of the team, they manage to extract this metal in the form of a tube and quickly return to the base.
Upon arriving at the base after this successful exploration mission, they go to the underground floor of level -2 to leave this unknown artifact to the scientists in the laboratories so that they can examine it and draw conclusions from where this tube of materials could come from unknown. Meanwhile, the squad rests after this simple but hectic exploration.
In the laboratory, 2 of the scientists have begun to examine the exterior of this object closely but have not been able to figure out where this technology with unknown materials comes from and what function it could have fulfilled. Hours later when most of the personnel were asleep, an extreme danger alert was activated throughout the scientific base with the epicenter at level -2, concern is extreme and all security protocols have begun to be executed.
The squad and a scientist have reached the outskirts of the laboratory where the high alert is located, while the rest of the personnel are in a safe area on the upper floor. When looking through the armored glass of the laboratory, they see how it has been set on fire as if an explosion had occurred. The squad goes in to put out the fire while the scientist goes in to rescue samples and the unknown artifact, but the scientist, seeing the artifact, has realized that it caused the explosion! Suddenly, a mass with countless nanobots is very quickly forming a single being of approximately 50 centimeters, its appearance is disturbing and in just a second it pounces on the scientist's face, fatally taking him to the ground, this aberrant being quickly slips through an opening left behind by the laboratory explosion. The scientist's face is distorted as one of the squad members approaches, his face is cut and acid. Neither the scientist nor the squad have had a chance to react.