Weapons ERC1155

Weapons tokenized in an ERC1155 smart contract.


Each character has their own trusted weapon, which knows their potential and tricks.

The weapon directly influences the attributes, special ability and playability of the character.

Regarding the gameplay, there are offensive weapons and other defensive ones. The choice will depend on the player's playing style.

The player can be creative when, it comes to equipping a character and demonstrating the power of creating it. It should be noted that the choices will be personalized for each character.

Like the characters. Weapons and power-ups will also be tokenized. This is so that the player can trade in the BREATHE Marketplace.

Weapons will have rarity types (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary) which will affect their price and difficulty of obtaining, but will not affect game balance. This maintains the competitiveness at BREATHE.

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