Characters ERC1155

Characters tokenized in an ERC1155 smart contract.


3D modeled characters. Various characters with attributes and abilities that make each of them stand out.

The player will be able to choose 3 characters in the first ALPHA version. More characters will be revealed soon.

Character rotations every week, so the player can try new strategies for free in the normal game format.

Players will be able to equip their characters with different power-ups to improve their attributes in the games, they will be able to do it in a creative way to discover new formulas.

The characters have different skins that the player can unlock to give a spectacular and unique visual touch.


-Life HP: Number that represents the life of the Character.

-DMG Damage: Represents the value of the damage that the character can cause, and this data will directly affect the attack estimates.

-Defense DEF: Represents the ability to mitigate the damage caused by the opponent.

-AGI Agility: Represents the attack speed of the character's weapons.

-Velocity VEL: Represents the speed of movement when walking or running.


Skins: Skins will have rarity types. It offers different effects in the design and has 4 categories: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary.

Abilities: The characters in Breathe will have a different special ability for each one. These skills will boost the gameplay of each character when it is charged.

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